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Hi everyone and welcome to Your Milk and Honey. Taking are of my teeth has always been a strong desire on my mind ever since my chipped my front tooth while riding my bike at the age of 12. I was riding off ramps and doing bike tricks but one day as I was doing a jump, I hit my tooth and wow was I shocked and sad. From that day on I’ve always had a bit of a fear that the same thing could happen again.

A Little Story About The Health of My Teeth.

After my tooth was chipped in half I thought I would never have nice teeth and people would always look at me weird if I smiled or laughed or even talked. That never really happened but it sure felt like it. I had to live the next few days impatiently waiting for a dentist appointment. When the day arrived, the dentist said it would be an easy fix. Since I had the broken chipped part of the tooth, he took it and with some dentist super clue he fixed it. He asked me to bite and everything seemed great! Yes there was a very visible line between the chipped part but I was happy it was done.

About a day later as I was biting into a fruit, it fell out. Again, I went to the dentist and he said he could glue it again or he could pull it and give me a totally fake tooth. NOPE. I did not want to do that, it was only half the tooth. So we tried a different dentist.

The second dentist had a better idea. He cut it a little more and put a crown on it. This was a better idea. He said it could hold for about 15 years or if I took really good care of it until my last breath.

From then on I have done my best to take care of my teeth so that they will last until I no longer need them.

Good Teeth Equals Higher Chance of Success!

Teeth are very important to every single person in this world. Teeth are something we use every day, to talk to sing to eat etc. And when we don’t take care of our teeth they bring us nothing but constant pain and stress. For thousands of years good teeth represented good health and even wealth. When you know how to correctly take care of your teeth your health will be much better for it. And when your health is much better you will have less stress and pain which will free up your mind to take on more things to succeed in life. YES! Better health means better and more success!

Correct Cleaning Does Not Equal More Work

I want to help your teeth get stronger and cleaner. There’s no reason why you should do it the wrong way when we have so much information and knowledge like never before in any other century.

Together with the correct tools and knowledge we can make your teeth stronger. Let’s start small and with the most important step by using the right toothpaste.

So have a look around and feel free to ask questions or leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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