What is the healthiest toothpaste?

The best and most healthiest toothpaste comes with the best ingredients but with so many choices and so many toothpaste products, which one should you buy? Ingredients are not always the same in each toothpaste product but the more solid ingredients you can find in it, the better.

So, what is the healthiest toothpaste? The first step you are going to want to take is find the ingredients on the package and see whether they have what you are looking for or not. I am going to break down the ingredients for you so you will know exactly what to look when you are shopping to supercharge your oral health.


This first ingredient is used in most toothpastes and it is also widely advertised. You should avoid this chemical due to dangers it brings. As a matter of fact, there are numerous studies that have linked fluoride with reduced IQ. A Harvard study done by Dr. Joseph Mercola said that fluoride was linked to brain damage. When something has factual science to back up a claim, it is best to just follow the good reason and stay safe.

Fluoride-free is a must when you are looking to best improve your teeth and even your overall health. Many toothpaste products also promote that they strengthen your teeth but it is not true and even if it was true, the fact that it damages your brain would never be worth it.

Those products that add this ingredient warn, “If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.” Be alert for this next time you’re researching because the healthiest toothpaste use no fluoride.


This next ingredient is fully packed with many benefits in supporting good oral health. It supports your thyroid health. World Cancer Research Fund says that Thyroid cancer is in the top 10 cancers in the United States. For over 170 years people have been taking iodine as a supplement because it is advised as an effective disinfectant. Iodine helps produce thyroid hormones. When you have too little of this hormone, it can result in hypothyroidism or if too much, hyperthyroidism. But from personal experience, if you don’t large amounts, it shouldn’t increase the chances of hyperthyroidism, and I had it.

Another benefit and the prime reason for having it in toothpaste is that iodine is effective in preventing cavities. When you swoosh water and iodine in your mouth in the morning and before bed time it should be the perfect amount to help avoid cavities. If, for some reason, your toothpaste does not contain iodine, you can always add a drop or a few on your toothbrush whenever you brush your teeth for a similar affect. When you use it in toothpaste it will save you time in this extra step and it will place it on your teeth nicely.

It is also a great way to detoxify your body from mercury, bromide, fluoride and other heavy metals and pesticides. This will help with losing weight and with your digestive health. This increase your metabolism.

Overall aside from a good deal of health and oral benefits, it basically kills bacteria that makes cavities and assists in fighting gum disease.

Colloidal Silver/ Nano Silver

The ingredient has super antiviral, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects effective at killing viruses. It is also able to help the body heal itself and stimulate the immune system. And others claim that it has been able to improve skin disorders, aid in wound healing and treat the flu, eye infections and other diseases.

Before big pharma made a big push on patented drugs, we had herbs and homeopathic remedies and colloidal silver as an antibacterial treatment. It can be used to kill a wide spectrum of different bacteria. Because pharma companies can’t make big money on this, they do not have many reasons to conduct more tests for the promotion colloidal silver, although some products do use it in healthcare such as creams for skin cuts.

When you want to try to use something other than pharma drugs, that usually always have some sort of side effects (like Advil being bad for kidneys,) nano silver may be an option. On top of the few benefits mentioned, colloidal silver/nano silver has the ability to lower the risk of gum disease and awful breath brought on by bacteria.


This is a natural tooth whitener. Instead of leaving a mouth full of acidic germs, you can add this and it will reduce it and destroy bad bacteria. This even aids your teeth in building minerals, making them brighter and stronger. Xylitol will safeguard your teeth from decay and lower plaque on your teeth. And most importantly it will aid in repairing damaged enamel. Basically, it will keep bacteria from staying on your teeth.

Instead of worrying about what you should do after your teeth are in pain and you can’t sleep or think normally, adding this to your toothpaste will help you stop the germs that infect your teeth and give you cavities. It is preventive care! Add extra protection for your teeth so bacteria can’t stick to your teeth. While there are not many tests done because pharma won’t make huge profits on this, Xylitol can help with normal remineralization of teeth.

Peppermint Oil

After you brush your teeth, you probably want that fresh, minty feeling that accompanies a good brushing. The minty sensation usually makes you feel like you did an awesome job in maintaining your teeth health. This is why you need a good smelling herb. Peppermint, a hybrid mint cross between wintergreen and spearmint, is one of those herbs that you can use. This has been used by people since the time they knew about the herb 100s or 1000s of years ago to prevent bad breath.

One of many other benefits it has been said to give, is energy. If you are feeling a little slow and sluggish, it can make you feel more alert. Just the smell of this aroma and you may feel like you just got a small dose of caffeine.

It also acts as an antibacterial substance. This kills the bad bacteria in your mouth that destroys your teeth. When compared to chemical ingredients and drugs, peppermint oils are more safe and effective in preventing cavities. You can add this to your toothpaste, or you can add into a cup of water and rinse it in your mouth.

When you buy toothpaste that already has this ingredient, it will be proportionally put in there so there isn’t too much or too little of it. Keep in mind that you should use it in moderation because if used in large amounts, it can damage your gums.

If you chew gum often, use peppermint and Xylitol to avoid faster tooth decay, because regular sugar gums are really bad for teeth.

SLS-free toothpaste

Whenever a toothpaste says it is “SLS-free,” it means it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. The main reason that SLS is added is to give a hard clean on your teeth and to provide a foaming lather. Scientists created the foam synthetically from coconut and palm kernel oil. It is also found in many products such as cleaning tools. The FDA claims that SLS is a low-hazard product while the Environmental Working Group labels it as a moderate hazard. They say that it is linked to neurotoxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption. They say that “these disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders.”

SLS technically does what it’s advertised to do. It foams, cleans your teeth and makes them feel fresh. The problem is that its comes with a negative impact on your body. It is a toxin. You might not find SLS- free toothpastes with the same foam strength but you can find something close.

When you switch from SLS to SLS-free it might not only reduce but remove any sensitivity pain you might have. An example of what that might feel like is when you fall and scratch your knee and than used a detergent on that tear. It would bring you a good amount of pain. When you use SLS on sensitive teeth or even gums that have been infected you could have the same kind of pain but in your mouth.

By not using sodium lauryl sulfate in your daily brushing, you will save your mouth, teeth and body from useless toxins. Then main reason companies use this ingredient in toothpastes is because it is very cheap to add and they can sell it with high markup in their products. Many companies just want to make a profit even if it means giving us some problems that they do not need to deal with and they use the FDA on their side to say that it’s just a low hazard product but don’t believe that. Even a small poison taken daily can affect you in a big way over the years.

Keep This in Mind

Be alert of where the ingredients come from, if you can find this out. You could be using toothpaste that on the surface looked good but has toxic ingredients. It’s unfortunate many times even with the best intentions companies sell products with the worst ingredients because their end goal isn’t always to help our teeth but to put more money in their pockets. Use everything in good size, do not take too much of anything and your teeth will be happy for it.

When you brush your teeth and you feel and see that the toothpaste isn’t bringing you any pain or negativity it might mean you have found a good one but if it begins to hurt your teeth and or gums in your mouth you might need to do some trial and error test runs. The fact that toothpastes can have many ingredients means that one more of the ingredients can negatively affect you. For one individual it might work perfectly fine, while for another it might not. Every human has different sensitives and effects and some might even have allergies. In general most people will find these ingredients good and very helpful but also be alert with anything you put in your mouth or body.

A thing to keep in mind is that sensitive teeth are sensitive for a reason. It is your body telling you something. We were all given pain for a reason. It is there to alert us and warn us that something is wrong and we need to fix it. So if your teeth are sensitive when you put something in your mouth, make trial and error to fix the damage and or problem. Don’t be upset your mouth is sensitive because many people are sensitive to the problems in their mouth until its too late to do as much as they could’ve done.

When available, try to buy products that were “Made in the USA,” with ingredients that are under the strict standards of USA’s high standards of Good Manufacturing Practices. You could buy ingredients from other countries, which I have done too but you need to do the best you can so that the components are made with the best practices of those countries.

I have found that the healthiest toothpaste has all of these ingredients and no toxins. One should not have to compromise care for their teeth for their own health. Be sure to be vigilant when it comes to the ingredients of the products you use on a daily basis, especially things that you might ingest.

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